Produced for Anne Mourier and Callejero Films.


A peek into the forthcoming show by Anne Mourier, hosted by the Alliance Francaise in Venice, Italy at the Casino Venier.


In Anne's words: "The Casino Venier is an overly ornamented little house with original features from 1750 that looks like a delicious box of candies. The exhibition will feature a new body of work comprising a number of interactive sculptural and photographic pieces, all drawing on the history of the Casino and its relation to the bigger picture of my work."


Role: Editor

Painting Your Way Out of a Corner

​​was created for artist Barbara Diane Barry in conjunction with the recent release of her instruction painting book, Painting Your Way Out of a Corner. More information about the book can be found on Barbara's website,


Role: Producer, Director, Editor

The Benefits of Studying at DIS​​

As part of a new advertising campaign, this video outlines the highlights of studying abroad with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. Students will walk you through study tours, cultural immersion, internships and academics, as well as what makes their experience in Denmark so unique. This video is featured on the DIS website at


Role: Director, Editor

Why Copenhagen?

​​This video gives an overview of what it's like to study abroad in Copenhagen through the eyes of students. The video highlights some of students' and alumni's favorite places and activities in Copenhagen. It was made for the Danish Institute for Study Abroad and is now featured on their website,


Role: Director, Editor